Hi there! I'm Bella, and I'm the face behind this blog. I'm a 22 year old farmer's fiancee, housewife, and blogger. I'm also fur (or feather) mama to our Great Dane cross, Kobi, and small flock of chickens. 

I spend most of my time faffing about around the house, trying to keep on top of the housework, and the rest of my time is mainly spent on this blog or being creative in some other way (mainly knitting or crochet!)

I started this blog in October of 2016, which seems both a very short time and a very long time ago. I started it as a hobby, keeping myself occupied while still getting used to living with my fiancee and being alone a lot. 

I then got more serious about it in June of 2017, and decided to get myself my own domain! That's when www.lifewithbellan.co.uk was born, replacing the blogspot.com name. I'm still figuring out how to show my style through images on here, but it feels a little more like me every day! 

I suppose I better tell you a little bit about what I blog about too. I like to share my experiences and advice on here, and with them I hope to help and inspire others. I also share the occasional opinion or personal piece, but they're here for the same reason. I categorize my posts into three topics:

Home - where I share posts about how to make your bills cheaper, often through creative projects, tips, and home-made items.

Living- here I share anything that doesn't come under wellbeing or home. Blogging, being a housewife, personal interests and general musings go here.

Well-being - Posts about mental health and my experience with it, Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome and everything to do with generally keeping your mind and body happy and healthy can all be found here.

Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to read a little! Hope to see you around again soon,


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