Monday, 16 April 2018

Why I don't think driving is a necessity

You'd think I'd need a car to do anything or go anywhere in the country, but really it's just made me even more sure that being able to drive a car is not a necessity for me!

Driving in general is great, and I sometimes I really wish I had my drivers license. Other times, not so much. I did start to do my theory test when I was 18, but it caused me major anxiety and I refused to go to the group classes (which you had to do 5 hours minimum before they'd put you through for your test). Now it seems silly, and I wish I'd just done it and got through it, but even the thought of trying again brings back all those feelings.

But if I had got through it and done it all, I still wouldn't be driving. I would never have been able to afford a car, insurance, and then the fuel costs. I was living in Spain at the time, and it was going to be minimum 200-300 euros just for the tests themselves without including the lessons beforehand. I was also at college at the time without a job, and I really didn't want to ask my parents to fund it all.

I did think about trying again over my 20th birthday, but that was then forced on me making me anxious about it all again. If you have anxiety you can probably understand that if I had been left to it, I would have managed it. Having it forced on me at the smallest mention of me driving didn't help.

As a whole, I've not got a very good outlook on learning to drive. 

I can use a quad-bike and I can just about drive a tractor, but considering I can make a tractor switch between how I use the gears (it's a bit like manual and automatic) and I'm not on a road with other cars or people to think about, I'm pretty happy to just bounce along the fields.

Maybe one day I'll learn to drive a car, but I don't see it as a necessity. I know people say you need a car, and many people have asked the same few questions over and over, but I don't need a car to live.

"How do you go out? What do you do when you want to go into town?" Well, I walk, or I wait until my partner is back from work. It's boring on my own anyway, and we both like going out together.

"What about when you have kids? How will you do the school run?" Home schooling has always been an option for us as I don't work, but in the case of any children going to public school we'd get a taxi, use public transport, or walk.

My partner and I live a fairly simple life, and only use our car for food shopping or to visit family anyway. It's not even necessary for him to go to work in either, so it's not as much of a big deal for us as it is for others. Obviously it's definitely easier to have one than not to, but as we already don't rely on it for every trip out of the house we don't see it as something that we 100% need all the time.

Personally, right now I see it as a waste of money for me to learn to drive a car. I know I wouldn't use it as B always drives anyway, and it would just be another expense every month if I did. A tractor license on the other hand, would be very useful. But that's another story entirely.

I also think I'm not that enthusiastic about learning to drive because I've never really wanted to. I felt it more obligatory than voluntary, something that I should want to do and should be able to do, when in reality I really don't think that much about driving. There are situations where it would be easier if I could drive, but they're so few and far between (as in once in the three years I've been in the UK have I ever thought "It would be so much easier if I could do it!") that I can't hold it as the only reason to force myself to learn.

Do you drive? Do you think it's a necessity?

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