Thursday, 19 April 2018

What slow living is to me

I very recently found "slow living". I'm pretty sure it was in February or early March while listening to a podcast and it was mentioned in passing in one of the episodes. This made me curious, and so off I went to find out more.

I ended up finding a few new bloggers and instagrammers, and falling in love with the whole slow living thing. It was like something clicked in my brain, I'd finally found exactly what I wanted!

If you google "slow living" you'll most probably have a small snippet of Wikipedia's definition come up. I don't fully agree or believe everything that is on the wikipedia page, but as I'm not an expert on the subject I'll leave it up to you to make your own mind up about that.

What Slow Living means to me

To me, slow living means taking a step back. I see it as very similar to self care, just on a much larger scale. It makes self care a lifestyle, instead of something you make some time for at the end of a bad day or maybe once a week.

I used to be obsessed with getting as much done in a day as possible. This often meant that I'd do a million things at once, and so I'd end the day absolutely knackered and have nothing to show for it. I was so busy with the idea of being busy, that I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing in the moment. I'd end up with a bathroom half done because I got distracted by the laundry, and then I never went back to finish the bathroom because I decided the front room needed tidying. I didn't care that the bathroom wasn't finished because I was being busy, and that's what counts right? Wrong. 

Slow living doesn't mean not being productive, you can still get the whole house cleaned and tidied in one day if you want. It means taking each and every task as a single action. What can you smell while you're hanging out the laundry? What can you hear through the open window while you wash up? Paying attention to the little details and getting through a single task instead of thinking about the next thing on your to do list.

Since living a slower life, I've been a lot happier and my mental health has benefited too. I'm calmer, I can lay things out in my head rather than having a million thoughts about what needs doing and feeling guilty when I don't do those things. 

At first I started incorporating it slowly. I'd make a point of looking out into the garden while doing the washing up, and actually seeing what was happening outside. Just little things at first, but it soon moved on to how I cook and clean. If I write myself a to do list, I now say to myself that I only need to do three things instead of trying to force myself to do all of them. It's also moved it's way into how I blog and use social media. I find myself using technology less and less, but putting the time I do use it to good use. 

There's many aspects to slow living. I can only scratch the surface and tell you what I take from the movement, but here are some of my favourite Pinterest accounts that share pins and blog posts related to the subject

What do you think of slow living? Had you ever heard of it before?

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