Friday, 20 April 2018

5 ways Slow Living has changed how I live

If you read my post on what slow living means to me, you'll know I've been applying it to my every day life in little ways for a few weeks now. I lost my way a little when I found out we were moving, but after a week or two I found I had no motivation to keep going, so back to mindful slow living I went.

Today I wanted to share five ways I've slowed down in my every day life. Some just kind of happened when I started applying a slower lifestyle to myself and home, and others I've had to consciously make an effort to change old habits, but all together they've helped me start more motivated and happier in what I do.

Cleaning - Before I discovered slow living I did everything possible to make cleaning a multitask, and I'd often get distracted with other chores that needed doing and would never go back to the first one. Now though, I try to stay on track with one chore at a time and stop myself from making it into multitasking. I started by limiting myself to one room at a time, which made it a lot easier than running to the washing machine every five minutes because I found a sock or dog toy that could do with washing.

Shower - I'm referring to the whole getting ready process here. If my phone rang while I was in the shower, I would get out and answer. If I had to blow-dry my hair, I used to read a blog post while doing it (which often lead to me burning my scalp or taking way longer than needed). Slowing down and taking the time for myself has helped me not only feel less stressed, but also more confident. I was so busy with other things that I didn't even look in the mirror half the time, and would have to check in the mirror in the car that my hair wasn't a birds nest!

Cuddling my dog - Who would have thought this would be on here? As I was always obsessed with being busy, I thought I didn't have time for a cuddle with our dog even when he asked for one (he's a cuddle monster). In reality, if I hadn't been "multitasking" or always checking my phone, I had loads of time to just sit for five or ten minutes. It might sound silly, but I never thought about it before and I really should have.

Blogging - Slowing down has even made it's way into blogging for me, again because I've consciously stopped trying to be here there and everywhere online all at once. I now shut all other tabs when I write a blog post, for example. I pay attention to what I'm actually doing instead of listening out for my phone notifications. I concentrate on the task at hand, and what used to take me three to four hours every day now only takes me an hour at most, leaving me the rest of my day to do whatever else I want or need to do.

To do lists - I had a love-hate relationship with to do lists. I'd write them because I like ticking things off, but I often wrote down a weeks worth of chores to be done in a day. I obviously never got them done (refer back to cleaning) and so I'd feel bad for not getting it all done. I still use and write to do lists, but I limit myself with them. I can write one a day and I can only do three big things on the list. This stops me from dashing about trying to do everything, and it means I get to cross off my list completely. If I have loads of time left and I feel like doing more I do, but I like having the initial cut off point for the days I'm not well or am particularly fatigued.

What do you think about a slower lifestyle?

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