Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Moving Blog #2

We've been tiling, packing, and taking down chicken runs this week, but I'm still confused as to what to pack next! We're currently using plastic cutlery and paper plates after packing up the kitchen too!

Since my first moving Blog, we've done quite a lot of work. We've been busy bee's over the weekend, and now B is at work I'm making steady progress with packing. Kobi is still really clingy and I think I'm going to run out of boxes, but I'll get to that when it happens.

On Saturday it was lovely and sunny, so we were out in the garden early. We took down two chicken runs, leaving only one up with all the adults in so they're safe until we move. The younger three are still in the shed in their little run, as I don't see much point in changing the pecking order until we get to the new place where the set-up will be entirely different. Moving day will be stressful enough for them as it is.

We also made a big heap of any and all burnables to go on the fire. There's some bits that never got taken to the dump from when a unit was removed in the dinning room, and all the little bits of wood that have come off Bs projects. A lot of it was taken as kindling by one of my in-laws, but there's still a couple bits to go which won't be moved until next weekend.

Sunday was horrible weather wise, so we mainly stayed indoors. Before we settles in for the day, we fixed the gate which had been damaged in the wind. That's when I got a piece of what could only have been moss or a tiny piece of wood in my eye. It soon came out so we carried on.

B then started to tile the kitchen. It should have been done months ago but I think we were putting it off as neither of us knew what we were doing. Turns out Youtube is very helpful, and it looks a lot better than before!

I've been packing boxes (no change there!) but I'm still kind of confused as to what to pack now. I keep worrying we'll want things before we move and so I don't pack certain things. I'm going to try and get through all of those little bits today. There's probably a few boxes that could have been packed but I've been putting it off! I think once I have a specific date and I know exactly how long it is until I'll be opening up the boxes again it'll be easier.

If you'd like to follow how the move is going in real time, you can follow me on Instagram where I try my best to update my InstaStories! I'm still pretty new to it all but I think I'm getting there haha!

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