Friday, 6 April 2018

Moving Blog #1

We're getting so close to moving now I'm so excited! I already know how I want to decorate and what I'll be doing with the garden too! Maybe I'm too excited. Maybe not. Anyway, I wanted to start a little series about the move for memory sake. There will probably only be three or four of these Moving Blogs, but as we're relocating around 70 miles to Cambridgeshire I thought it would be interesting to document it a little.

We're now coming up for about two and a half weeks away from moving if not less, and most of the house is packed. I'm going around cleaning and packing up any little bits now in the hopes that I don't have to make everyone wait while I clean the house before we give the keys in.

We also found out that while the new place was furnished, we're going to be able to bring our own furniture as they will remove the furniture already there so we don't have to sell ours. I'd like to think having our own furniture will help Kobi settle in a little more too and help him realize that it's our new home rather than some random house we've dragged him to.

Our chickens don't seem to be playing ball at the moment, and one of our youngest has been hiding eggs and has now sat on them. As we can't be sure how long they've actually been incubated for we don't want to remove her as we don't know how developed the eggs are inside. We know she hasn't been sat on them for more than a week, but by four days they're well on their way to being developed into miniature chicks so we really don't want to remove them. I've got my fingers crossed that they hatch before we move (but I doubt it), and really really hope more girls than boys hatch. Knowing my luck it'll be two boys and a girl like last time.

Furniture is being wrapped up in plastic wrapping to protect it while in the truck, and this weekend we're clearing the garden. Lots of wood will be going to my in-laws house so they can use it on their fire, and we'll be packing up all the plant pots and raised beds and tools. If we can get down there this weekend, we'll be taking quite a lot to the dump and the charity shops.

I'm so so excited, I think we only have this weekend and next in this house and then we'll be moving! Just have a to-do list longer than my arm to get through now!

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