Monday, 2 April 2018

April Goals

In March all of my goals kind of went out of the window as soon as B started looking at changing jobs. I was clinging on for dear life when it all started moving a lot faster than expected and I was told we'd be relocating in less than 6 weeks, and that's when I completely gave up with keeping to March's goals and started setting a few new ones- like being packed and ready to move as soon as the house was ready to go.

It's now April, and we have about three weeks to go before we move. I'm not setting myself any real goals this month other than having a successful move and not abandoning this blog. I'll be honest, I don't know how either of those are going to work out quite yet, but I'm going to try my best.

At this point I've done a lot of packing. Everything except the essentials are packed upstairs, and quite a lot downstairs is packed too. I've still got to pack the garden tools and B's carpentry stuff, but I'm kinda hoping that he packs that. I can hear the "where did you put x and y?" already!

I'm also at the point where I'm starting to pack things that we then want two days later. I packed up some tools and boxes of screws, that B then needed a day later, and yesterday I packed the potato masher in the morning only to want to make mash for the top of a pie six hours later. I suppose you could say I'm being over keen with the whole packing thing, I mean we have three weeks to go and I've only kept out two or three outfits each, but I just know that if I leave it it'll creep up on me and then I'll have to madly pack the rest of the house in two days, or some emergency will come up and I won't have time to pack. It always seems to be the way, so I'm planning ahead!

Along with all of my March goals, my brain seemed to jump out the window too. I struggled quite a bit to write anything in the last couple weeks of March. I tried getting a couple posts out when I had a rare moment of motivation, but I know that forcing it just makes writers-block worse for me. Right now I'm too caught up in when am I going to get to properly view the gardens and grounds that comes with the property and if it's furnished (don't worry, it comes with the job so we're not parting with any money for a property we haven't seen properly!) but it's difficult as going between farms without proper waiting times is a big NO NO!

The closer moving day gets the calmer I seem to get, which is both good and bad. Good because I can get on with stuff and actually write again (hence this post), and bad because I'm expecting a huge meltdown the week before. Moving is stressful enough, let alone with anxiety and having to pack up 95% of the house on my own! We're getting there though, and while the calm lasts I'm going to get done as much as possible!

I suppose today is a bit more of a chatty post compared to my usual posts. I'll be doing chattier posts in the few weeks to come I think, that way I can update you guys about what's happening and I get to keep the memories of moving into our first "couples house" together!

What are your goals this month?

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