Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Why I Unfollowed You on Instagram

I've never been very good with social media. Instagram has always been a task for me, and after a little break from Twitter I have to set myself reminders to even use it. I guess I'm just not a very social person - online or off- but I've been making more of an effort, especially with Instagram. It's been a long process, and I've followed and unfollowed a lot of people on there, so here's why I unfollowed you on Instagram.

I started to re-think my approach to Instagram sometime last year. I didn't know how to go about it, so it stayed the same for a good while. I then wanted to make more of an effort when I started taking my blog more seriously, and started to post on a more regular basis. That led to me posting what I thought others wanted to see, and while it was good practice for my photography skills -if you can even call them that- it made me think about Instagram all the bloody time and I'd constantly be on edge. It felt fake, and I didn't like it. It was a huge factor in how this post came to be. As you can see if you take a look at my IG, my Instagram feed isn't exactly aesthetically pleasing - who else struggles to write that? aesthetically - but it's real and I wouldn't say my photos are overly staged either. I can't be bothered to put that much effort into something when I know I'll only like one photo whether I take 5 or if I take 50.

So after changing the way I approached what I shared on the grid, it was time to tackle what I saw on the grid. This has led me to follow loads of people, and unfollow quite a few too. Here's what helped me decide to follow or unfollow.

Am I interested? In the past I used to follow people just because I like ONE of their photos, even if I didn't like the other 100 odd they had posted. This lead to a lot of accounts and feeds I simply wasn't interested in. They're not bad accounts, they're just not what I'm looking for, and so I felt I should remove them. When I opened their account page, if I wasn't completely in love with their feed then I unfollowed. It seems ruthless, but I don't want photos and images I'm not interested in clogging up and hiding the ones I truly am interested in.

Do I relate to this person or feed? If you go through who I'm following right now, the majority will probably have very similar feeds. I look to Instagram for inspiration as much as I do with Pinterest, and I center most of my follows around slow and frugal living, country life, farmer's wives, inspiring bloggers, and friends. I like being able to follow people on their stories and relate in some way or learn. An example I have used in the past, is I'm not interested in city-living, so the likelihood of me following an account based around that isn't very high.

Why did I follow them in the first place? Like I mentioned before, I used to follow people just because I liked one out of 100 images on their account. I also followed people because I felt I had to, and I used to follow absolutely everyone who followed me. That led to a lot of accounts I simply wasn't interested in and didn't relate to.

We've been made to feel bad about unfollowing people on SM, but do you really want to be following people you're not interested in and do you want people following you that aren't interested in you and your content? Some people may find it really easy to unfollow, but I know that many others find it hard to do because of the fear of "being called out". It seems to have become a sort of culture on Twitter to name and shame, even just for unfollowing! I get that hitting a goal and then someone unfollows is frustrating -I know I've mentioned it on Twitter before- but not for every single person who unfollows you.

What are your thoughts on unfollowing? Do you find it easy-peasy, or can it be hard for you? Let me know down below!

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