Monday, 12 March 2018

Treat Yourself this Month {sponsored}

Treating yourself is something we should do on the regular, but we often forget or simply don't have the energy to after a long day. I often refer to it as self care, but whatever you call it it's important that you set aside a little time every so often to switch off, relax, and pamper yourself a little.

Treating yourself often involves getting yourself a new lipstick you've been drooling over or a new dress, but as I don't really wear lipstick and am a walking fashion faux pas I normally opt for other things like gift sets (L'Occitane have some amazing ones for all budgets), a new candle or two, or even just taking the day off from housework. 

This month has more than enough reason to treat yourself. Not only do we celebrate Mother's Day, but we also have International Womens Day! A perfect reason to treat the special women in your life and we often forget that we're those special women too. So, I've put together a little list of ways to treat yourself!

Take 10 minutes to yourself - this could be to do your skin care in the morning, to plan your day in peace, or even just to do nothing. Sitting still for a minute and feeling the moment can set you up right for the rest of the day.

Make your favourite meal - super simple and you still have to cook it yourself, but I know I always love knowing I'm having my favourite for dinner! I don't actually know how to make my favourite dish, as my stepdad put his own twist on it, but I've found a recipe for it I want to try.

Make your own self care list - Having a list you can quickly refer to will help you keep up with it!

Journaling - Bullet journal, gratitude journal, gardening journal, dream journal... the options are endless! I try to keep a gratitude journal and it makes me feel so much better and happier!

Read a book - Just reading a couple pages a day will only take up a few minutes of your morning or evening.

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How do you treat yourself? Have you got any ideas to share?

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