Sunday, 4 March 2018

Snow Week Favourites

Last week will forever be known to me as Snow Week. It might have gotten a bit inconvenient towards the end of the week but The Beast from the East has given me the opportunity to experience more than just a cm or two of snow and I've absolutely loved it. I've got a few favourites to share with you guys from this week too, and here they are!

I definitely wasn't prepared for it to stay as long as it did, or for it to be as bad as it was, but we managed and stayed sane thanks to a few things this week. I thought I'd share some of my favourites from this snow week that have helped me get by. If I ever say I want to live somewhere where it snows like this on a regular basis, please remind me that I'm definitely not built for the cold!

Cozy clothes. We all have them, our snuggliest pj set and fluffy socks that we climb into at the end of a busy day. Well, mine saved me this week. I feel the cold a lot easier than B does and my circulation is awful, so having warm cozy pjs to snuggle in all day has been brilliant. I've also been using woolen socks to try and keep my feet warm, and they've helped loads!

Netflix. Other than checking on the chickens and letting the dog out into the garden, I haven't left the house much at all this week. That means a lot of hours virtually trapped in the house and I haven't seen B much at all as he's had to tend to the animals on the farm. Netflix to the rescue! This is where my post about what to watch on Netflix came from!

Co Op. Absolute bloody lifesaver this week! We were running low on everything other than beans and pasta, and then heard that more snow was possibly on it's way on Friday. We decided that we couldn't leave it any longer, and had to bite the bullet and get to the shop. Our local Co Op seemed like the best bet, as if anywhere was going to be open it would be them. Thank God they were! We got a few bits for us, extra food for the dog, and a few items from their bird food section for our chickens and the birds that live in the garden. I think all of us appreciated it!

Candles. Might sound like a bit of an odd one, but did you know you can use candles for heat? At first we tried to keep our heating oil use as low as possible, so I had to get creative to up the temperature a couple of degrees. I happen to have many candles, so I ended up burning a few in the front room -the room we're in the most - and closing the doors to the other rooms. It definitely worked, even if just a little! The house then got too cold after we had another 3-4 inches overnight so we resorted to putting the heating on, but it's a great tip if you're ever in need. Just remember to be careful and never leave them unattended!

What have been your life savers this past week? Let me know down below!

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