Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Skin Care Routine

I have to admit I neglected my skin care for ages. And I mean I've never kept to any kind of routine for more than a few weeks. I never saw any noticeable difference, and my patience isn't good enough to wait. So, it never really went anywhere.

This routine however, is the simplest and most effective I've ever had! I've seen a huge difference in only one week, and because it's so simple I've been able to keep to even when I've only had a couple minutes to spare!

I was fed up of my skin looking so unhealthy all the time and I had one deep wrinkle under each eye which I wasn't particularly fond of either. The under-eye night cream has made a terrific difference and I'm so pleased!

Cleanse - This is when I take off any makeup and then cleanse my face. It's amazing how much dirt builds up over the day! Especially with the amount of dust that picks up around the farm. I've just used up my Temple Spa Cleanser and am now using up my bottle of Micellar cleansing water from Primark.

Exfoliate or mask - I only do this once or twice a week each. I'm currently using a charcoal mask from Aldi, and I'm using up all the many exfoliating products I've bought over time.

Toner - I've used bottle versions where you have to put it on a cotton pad, but I'm finding it so so soo much easier using a spray version. I'm currently using one from Temple Spa.

Serum - I have patches of darker and lighter skin (probably from the sun) so the serum I'm using is from Temple SPa also and claims to help even out skin-tone.

Cream - In the morning I put on a SPF 15 day cream from Aldi, and at night I put on an anti-aging night cream and under eye cream, both are also from Aldi.

I'm not a big fan of spending lots of money on skin care, mainly because I never noticed much of a difference and so couldn't warrant spending £50 on skin care a month. This little routine however, doesn't cost much at all! The products from Temple Spa were gifts from birthday or Christmas, and I'll eventually be replacing them with cheaper versions, but the rest of the products I use are all budget friendly! I think the most expensive item was around £6, and it's definitely worth it in my opinion!

What are your skin care secrets?

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