Thursday, 29 March 2018

How to Declutter Before Moving House

Decluttering can be a job and a half depending on how far you want to take it, but decluttering before a move I think is the best way to really know what you want to keep and what you don't. It's when you're actually forced to decided what comes with you to your new home that you become a little stricter than usual.

I've been decluttering like MAD this past week. When we started thinking of moving we thought we were going to have a couple months at least, but it's all happened a lot quicker than we thought and we now only have three to four weeks before moving day! Short on time means that we've not been able to organize our finances around a moving truck and so forth, so we're doing it all on as small a budget as possible. Our first thought was the less boxes we use, the smaller the truck we need to get. That meant going through EVERYTHING and getting rid of a lot of stuff.

Is it worth taking it with you? If something's big, bulky, or really delicate and will probably get broken no matter how much bubble-wrap you use, how much did it cost? Is it going to cost more to move it than to replace it? This is something I'm being really strict on. Books aren't very expensive, especially if you get it online, but weigh quite a lot. I've kept our favourites or ones that have sentimental value, but everything else has gone to the charity shop. If we find ourselves missing one that we donated it's not going to cost a lot to replace it.

Clothes wise, does it fit, do you wear it, and does it make you feel nice when you do? Honestly I must have donated over half my wardrobe. Clothes that I've had for years but hardly worn, some even still had tags on! All it was doing here was taking up space, and that's all it'd do at the new place. I've also gone through bedsheets and blankets. If there's any that aren't the right size, so old it's getting holes, or you just really don't like it anymore, just get rid. There's no point taking up room with stuff that you don't absolutely love or want.

Ornaments and knick-knacks are something we don't always think of when it comes to decluttering. They just become a part of the house and that's that. I didn't think of them until it came to start packing up one of the shelving units, and I found myself thinking "Do I really want this in the new place?" I ran it past B and there's a few ornaments we aren't taking with us, which saves on weight too!

Something I didn't think of, was the shed. We have chickens and enjoy gardening, and so over time have ended up with three sheds worth of stuff. That a lone would fill a moving truck, so we set to work. We got a skip, and started going through everything. Any old mesh or garden fabric that we swore we were going to use again all went in the skip. If you've not used it for 6 months (unless it's the chainsaw or something) then you're probably not going to miss it.

More than once I've felt super overwhelmed with the task, I never knew how much stuff we had! If this happens to you, don't give up. Keep pushing through, and once you've cleared a full unit or cupboard, it'll motivate you to do the rest of the room. Once the room is done, it'll make you want to do the rest of the house too!

I've made a quick guide which I'll leave here, you can save it or Pin it for later!

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