Sunday, 25 February 2018

How we Saved Money by getting a Smart Meter

At first, I didn't really know (or care) much about smart meters. All I knew was you could see exactly what you were using in pounds and pennies, which as pretty much the only thing that interested me. Now we have one though, I can see not only the benefit to our bank account, but the benefit to the planet too and that's definitely a plus in my books. So, I decided I'd share with you guys how we saved money on our energy bill this month, and in turn how we helped the environment a little more.

Changing our Energy Usage Habits & Saving Money

When we had our meter installed and the little digital display was explained to me, I was surprised to see that the unit not only told me how much energy we are using regarding money but also regarding our carbon footprint. The technician admitted that not very many people pay any attention to that screen, but it's there nonetheless. 

Money wise, we worked out how much we could use on a daily and weekly basis to keep under what our bill was before the smart meter. We ended up working out that as long as we used less than £9 a week we would be saving quite a substantial amount on our electric bill, and so that's the budget we've set ourselves. 

To keep under that budget, we've changed how we do a lot of things. Even how we shower! Here are some examples:

Turning the water off while in the shower. Between shampooing and conditioning, or even while you wash, turning off the water if you have an immersion shower will save you quite a lot! 

Short cycles on the Tumble-dryer. I used to dry absolutely everything straight from the washing machine with the tumble-dryer, but considering it works out at about 1p per 2 minutes I've changed that! I now hang everything, even if it's not sunny, just to get most of the water and damp out of it, and then put it in the tumble-dryer. It's halved the time- and therefore the cost- of using the tumble-dryer.

Not having the TV run in the background when we're not watching it. If it's the only thing on, then we don't mind so much -it's actually surprisingly cheap to run - but if we're on the computer or are using our phones and just have the TV on for the sake of it, it goes off. It's only a few pence that we save per hour, but it makes a difference at the end of the week.

Making sure lights are turned off. On more than one occasion we've forgotten to turn the kitchen or bathroom light off. Not anymore! We double check all lights that aren't in use are off. Even leaving a light on for an hour can up the cost by a few pence, so we're careful with it.

Not only does the noticeable money savings mean we have more in the account, it also means we used less energy than normal which in turn mean less of a carbon footprint. It's an easy and painless way to help the environment -it might not be convenient for everyone to ditch their car- and do your part for our planet.

We've only had it a month, and this bill we've saved almost £20! That's easily half of what we'd usually spend each month without the smart meter, and if we keep to that kind of saving each month, in a year we save almost £240! I like the sound of that, and I can't wait to see how much of a difference longer and warmer days will make when we don't have to turn lights on so early or have the heating on. I see that as definitely worth the few hours it takes to have it installed!

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