Friday, 2 February 2018

Falling in Love with my Hair Again - Hair Care Routine

Until very recently, I absolutely hated my hair. The length was wrong, and kept getting in the way whenever I was trying to sort out the chickens. The colour was flat, so I had the ends lightened but the length stopped me from liking that too. All in all I just really didn't like my hair, and so it'd be thrown up in a drastically short pony-tail, and anything that didn't reach was clipped back, which made for a very harsh hairstyle on someone with a round face.

I finally got so fed up, I'd try anything. I started using Caffeine shampoo in November, and at first other than it smelt nice in a weird way and gave a very slight, almost tingly feeling when I washed my scalp I didn't notice any change. I kept at it though, praying it would work as it claimed on the bottle. By the time I'd finished the bottle (which didn't take long) my hair had grown a good inch or more! 

Here's a little scientific explanation behind how my hair grew so fast: My hair was going through a "dull phase" where either the follicles where taking longer to grow the hair or were releasing the hair strand before the hair could grow past a certain point. The caffeine in the shampoo stimulated the follicles and blood supply -hence the "tingly" feeling - and as a result my hair started growing/ not falling out.

Once I started seeing a difference in my hair, I started to like it more. It was finally growing out of the horrible bob-thing that I had, and I'd started caring for it more with masks and nicer shampoos and conditioners. I tried a couple shampoos, but I've settled on VO5 Give Me Moisture set, that contain  various oils that do wonders for dry or damaged hair.

I also changed how I care for my hair, for example:

Wash hair twice a week
Shampoo twice, and leave conditioner on for 5 minutes+
Rinse thoroughly!
Comb while wet, brush when dry
Dry with a hair dryer, instead of letting the water freeze in the hair shaft when I go out

Not only is my hair still growing really well, it's soft and manageable thanks to the VO5 shampoo and conditioner. It feels so much nicer, and it's even easier to brush and do hairstyles with now. I've started leaving my hair down more often, I've even had people say how odd it's been to see me with my hair down after wearing it up for two years!

I still wear it back most days, I do spend a good amount of my days bent over either sorting out chickens, cuddling the chickens, doing laudry, etc. so it can get annoying, but when I go out I feel confident enough to wear it down. I like spending time drying it, I like spending time styling it even! All it took was finding something that worked for my hair, which unfortunately took me years to figure out but I'm so glad I did!

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