Wednesday, 21 February 2018

How I use my Happy Planner for my Blog

I was given the Classic and the Mini Happy Planner for my birthday by my Nan, and although I've just about been using them for a month, I'm in love and have no idea how I managed to live without them. If you're still on the look for Planner Peace, and haven't tried the Happy Planner yet, it's definitely worth a try!

I've had regular planners while at school, but I literally used them to write down due-dates for school work and exam dates. I didn't worry about if it made me happy or if I liked using it or not. It was a tool for school, and I didn't enjoy school much so I didn't enjoy my planner much either. I then went from planner to planner- some bought, some I'd made myself, until I found the Bullet Journal method. I loved it at first, but as I kept having to draw the layouts and organize absolutely everything myself, it didn't last very long. It's a great way to organize yourself if you have the time, but I didn't and so it wasn't that convenient.

I mainly wanted a planner for my blog. I had huge plans and ideas, but as always if I don't have them on paper with due dates and a to-do list everyday, it just doesn't happen. Other things get in the way and I completely forget. As I was lucky enough to get both the mini and the Classic, I use the Classic for organizing the house and finances and everything else, and I use the Mini for organizing my blog and social media - which is what I'm going to tell you all about.

How to use a Happy Planner to organize your blog

My Mini planner came with 12 months undated inserts, with stickers to help you mark each month. I used this to my advantage, as I got it at the end of January, and so started it off in February. First of all I dated each monthly spread, and I have now dated all the daily's for February and March.

I then went through every month, and have added to the "Important Dates" section. For me, this includes holidays I think I might be interested in posting about, such as Valentine's Day, or things I think are important like PCOS Awareness Month. Your's could look very different to mine, as we all have different interests and events.

Staying on the same page, I have crossed out Birthdays, and replaced it with Stats. This is where I track last months stats compared to this months (January's to February's for example) so I can see where I need to focus more or less energy and time. It also gives me a confidence boost when I see myself improving or a kick up the backside when I see things going down hill.

The inserts also come with a Goals section, and this is where I write my goals for the month. Some are stats related, like growing my Instagram, and some are a little more behind-the-scenes/ personal, but all in all it helps to keep me on track.

Planning Posts

I love my monthly spread. It's where I track my daily views (I only check once a week, and fill in the week all at once) so I can see if it correlates with any particular post or "strategy" I used that day. It's also where I write in any posts that are scheduled or already live. I then highlight the title in whatever colour I have designated for the topic so I can see if I'm posting a lot about a certain topic and not a lot about another. 

I did begin with penciling in posts that I planned to post, but I found that if I ended up changing my mind and moving the post -or scrapping it altogether- I hated how erasing it made me feel. So, I stopped. I now have a list of post ideas in a small notebook, and I highlight or cross out the ideas I have written and scheduled, and once scheduled and ready to go live it gets written in the monthly spread.

Daily to do's

There's a few daily tasks for my blog, such as sharing any new posts, sharing a couple old ones, linking to Instagram or Pinterest, etc. which get written in my daily's as "SM Routine" as I got tired of writing out every separate task every day pretty quickly. Other's, like brainstorming post ideas or reminding myself to have a little photo shoot, get written in when I think is necessary.

I also use the Notes section to write in smaller goals for that week. Things like "Engage more on Twitter" or "Comment on all posts I read this week" go in here. They change every week, but all follow a similar theme.

Since using the Happy Planner and being able to organize myself properly, I've been getting a lot more done. I spend less time scrolling through Twitter or Instagram wondering what I should do next, and more time actually getting stuff done. That in turn has made me a lot happier with my blog, and it's given me back a good few hours of the day for other things that I would have otherwise wasted in front of my laptop doing nothing.

If you're struggling to get everything you want done, like I was, I highly recommend getting a planner and it only being for your blog/ social media. I was planning everything together at one point, but it made it so overwhelming that I didn't do anything anyway. Seeing things in small doses helps a lot! Plus once I've finished all my blogging tasks for the day, I get to close my planner and not have to go back to it until the next day.

Do you use a planner for your blog? What methods do you use? Let me know down below!

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