Friday, 16 February 2018

Forgetting Perfectionism

Being online most of the week -if not every day- exposes all of us to our version of perfect. Dream home decor, amazing holidays, birthday parties that you only see in movies. You name it, a photo or video, perfectly staged and edited, exists somewhere online about it.

I love going through Instagram and being inspired by all the home decor. I love going through Pinterest and creating aesthetically pleasing boards about bedrooms or pretty flat-lays of delicious looking food.

But if I spend too much time there, I start to find myself questioning my own life. Why doesn't my house look like that? What can I do to make my garden the dreamiest of places without forking out on a landscape and gardener? I start to look at things that before I was perfectly happy with in a new light, and start to think I'm not good enough.

As a blogger, I'm going to send a certain amount of time on my social media and reading other people's blogs. So many times I've fallen completely in love with someone else's style, be it how they plan out their planner or those lovely curtains that match the rug and it pulls the whole room together, that I've lost sight of my style and what I like.

Just because it looks perfect online and temps you to change something in your own life, doesn't mean that it's actually practical in any way or that the person who posted it even lives the way that they're perceived to online. I don't know very many people who actually manage to have a perfectly stacked mountain of pancakes, on a slate board, on a wooden tray, with a little bouquet of flowers freshly picked from the garden with a cat that isn't trying to eat the flowers or pancakes. It's something dreams are made of. It would be very nice to have all that, but that's not my reality.

My reality is a dog that's as big as us taking up most of the bed and deciding that it's too cold to stand there making pancakes so it ends up being just a very milky cup of coffee in bed - if I managed to get back to bed in the first place. My reality is we're saving up for a house, so I don't have the perfect curtains that match the rug - I don't have a rug and I'm lucky the curtains match each other.

So, I'm leaving perfectionism behind. That goes for online and offline. I'm no longer going to waste time worrying about how my blog or Instagram looks, as long as I like it that's fine. I'm not going to worry about what I need to get for my house to look like the cottages I follow on Instagram.

The beauty of a cottage is that it's all over the place, mixing old with new and different patterns and colours. Who cares if it's perfectly matched? Farm life is unpredictable and can change at a moments notice, but requires dedication and repetition if you want your veggies to grow. There's no room for perfectionism in my lifestyle, only for what makes me happy.

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