Sunday, 4 February 2018

February Goals

January is over, and so it's time for some new goals! I'm definitely a little late on sharing these, although I did share a few on Twitter, but better late than never! I'm pleased with how January went, considering this time last year I had completely given up on the years resolutions!

January review

I'll start off by telling you guys how January's goals went:
Engage more I definitely think I've been engaging more with others, and it's definitely shown some results on engagement with my content too. It's still a little nerve-wracking because of social-anxiety, but I'm glad I've started at least!
Write more I've been writing more posts, and I've been trying to tweet more and write longer captions for Instagram. It's helped keep the creative juices flowing, and that in turn has helped me write even more. I'm on a roll!
Post about mental health more I've written one very obvious Mental Health related post in January, but I've also taken a more of a mental health based view on my other posts too such as changing my approach to blogging, and finding a niche. Having a healthier view on blogging has helped it become a enjoyable hobby again rather than feeling like a chore.
Read the book of dust I didn't manage to finish this one -I'm still reading it- because I started reading another book at the same time. Some can manage multi-book-reading, but my brain doesn't follow each story as a separate book and I end up extraordinarily confused!
Keep a gratitude journal Unfortunately I didn't keep to this one as much as I would have liked. I have a few entries in my journal, but I didn't do it every day, especially these last weeks of January.
Drink more water & eat healthier This one I have kept to, and I've even lost some weight which is amazing! 
Create routines & stick to them I've made myself a cleaning routine, laundry routine, and bit of a morning routine. I'm sticking to them most days, but I'm still making it a habit. 

February Goals

Apart from continuing habits and finishing the goals I set in January, this month I want to up my stats in general and focus on my blog. I have loads of ideas and plans for this month, and I'm so 
Refine my photography style and editing I've been practicing my photography big time - you can see some of my best on Instagram- but like I say I have big plans for my blog and refining the vibe and feel of my blog is one of them.
Stay Organized I've done pretty well with this over the last week, and I've noticed a huge difference in how much I get done when I'm organized. I want to continue this way for the rest of the month and hopefully make some good progress into future projects!
Keep eating healthy & drinking water I'm seeing huge differences already, and I'm so pleased. I'm adding to my healthy eating this month with some supplements that should help with some of my PCOS symptoms -there's be a post about it all coming soon!
Engage more I've been engaging more than I usually do, but I want to keep working on it and engage way more than I am. It will probably take me a little while to work up to, but as long as I keep going in the right direction that's okay.
Keep on writing I'm enjoying how much content I'm putting out and how much I'm writing with a pen and paper. I want write more in my journal too.

What are your February goals? 

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