Monday, 12 February 2018

Blog Update

I've been thinking a lot about blogging in the last few months - if you couldn't already tell by the various blogging posts that I've written recently- but especially about me and my blog, the way I go about things and what it results in both personally and on my blog.

I've changed the way I blog quite a bit over January, and I'm loving it. I'm so much happier with my blog now, and I'm way more motivated to blog and be online in general. It's been a complete game changer for me, and I'm seeing benefits in both my mental health and my blogs numbers.

One big thing that I have been rather scared to do though, is changing my content. I want to blog more about what day to day life is for me, rather than keeping to what I think is relevant. I mean I have changed my views on niches and being relatable - you can read that post here- and I have changed some aspects of my content, but now I think it's time for the big push.

So, what can you expect from this blog from now on?

Well, a lot of country and farm stuff in all honesty. I'll also be talking more about PCOS and my journey of trying to start a family.

I know these aren't topics everyone will enjoy or like, or maybe even agree with in some cases, but it's the way I live. Like I mentioned in this post, I'm my niche. I'm not going to blog about things that have no relevance to me, just because I think others will like it or will approve.

You should either be attracting the people you want to attract or repelling the people you don't
- Being Boss, episode #10 Personal Branding

I'm going to blog about things that are relevant to me and my lifestyle, and in turn that will attract the people who relate or are interested in reading about it. It may mean I have a smaller target audience, but I'm not worried about that. That's part and parcel of keeping to my actual lifestyle, instead of trying to add in little bits from various styles. If that makes sense.

I've censored myself quite a bit for fear of people not agreeing or approving of my lifestyle. Even small things like putting a jumper on my dog when he's cold or scared can be something people attack you for - yes they were wild animals, but if he shivers from the cold am I meant to just leave him to it? Of course not!

So, I won't be censoring my content anymore. Not on my blog and not on my social media. I'm hoping those who like it will stay and those who don't will quietly leave. I'll miss anyone I lose, but I understand that people aren't going to stick around if it's not something they're interested in - I wouldn't.

Thank you so much for supporting me and my little blog, I really can't wait for you to see upcoming posts!

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