Thursday, 4 January 2018

Places I Want to Visit - UK & Scotland

If you've read this post, you'll know I spent most of my childhood living in Spain. Now that I'm back in the UK, I've realized just how little I know about local geography and I've only been to a handful of places.

Last year we took the trip up to the Peak District, and while it was only a day trip I had a great time. We took our dog with us, and we met up with Jade and her boyfriend! The views were beautiful, and I really want to go back and stay for a few days instead of making a round trip within 8 hours. After seeing the Peak District, I've set my heart on seeing more of the UK this year.

  • The Cotswolds. Now there's a few little places in the Cotswolds, so I'm told, that are well worth a visit. Beautiful little villages where time has stood still are right up my street! I'm still deciding on what and where, but it's definitely on my list.
  • Lake District. As mentioned before, I've very briefly visited the Peak District. I would really love to visit the Lake District, but considering the distance it would most definitely have to be a weekend away or something similar!
  • Scotland. I'm half Scottish myself, and have family in Scotland still, so I'd really like to visit and explore the place. I'm still deciding on where, right now all I know is that I've seen so many beautiful photos and breathtaking scenes that it has to be on my list. If there's anywhere in particular than you recommend, please let me know!
  • Stonehenge. This is probably quite an obvious one, but after seeing so many documentaries over the years and I've listened to Stonehenge- Ylvis way too many times to not have to visit! 
There are plenty more places, and ones I don't even know about yet, but I think these four are a good start. Where would you recommend visiting?

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