Sunday, 28 January 2018

I'm 22! Twenty-Two Things I'm Thankful For

I seriously can believe I'm twenty-two. I'm not entirely sure why, because my God has it been twenty-two years and a half, but I'm still so excited about it.

A few years ago, I would have never had thought I'd be where I am  right now. I had just moved in with my Grandma, my parents had moved back to the UK, and after a bad experience at college I couldn't see a future for myself. It was a huge peak in my depression and anxiety, and I was taking life one hour at a time at that point.

Fast forward to now, and I'm honestly so thankful to my Grandma for helping me realize that I didn't have to suffer alone. I can now look back at a lot of my experiences, both good and bad, and be okay with it. I wouldn't be the person I am today nor would I be sat here writing this post listening to my dog snoring away behind me on the sofa.

I don't want to make this a sad post, if anything it's a post I'm very happy to be writing. There's been some very close calls throughout my life, but I can finally say that they were right when they said "It gets better". It took a while, and I definitely wish things had been easier sometimes, but it really did get better.

At 22, I can officially say I'm happy. Truly and genuinely happy. I may not have a great job and career, or own the house I live in like you see some others on the internet have at my age, but I'm okay with that. In a celebration of sorts, I have listed a few things that I'm thankful for.

  • The family that have helped me get to where I am.
  • The friends that are always there when I need them.
  • Adopting our dog, Kobi, best cuddles ever.
  • My Grandma, especially when she listens to me moan.
  • Whatever made me start a blog.
  • My fiance, Brad.
  • The chance to grow up somewhere like Spain.
  • The ability to go back and visit Spain.
  • My Granddad, for teaching me some of the most important life lessons I know. 
  • For realizing who was the bad guy and having the ability to give second chances, but knowing not to give thirds.
  • Always being encouraged to try new things and be creative.
  • For all the tiny blessings in disguise.
  • The support I receive, be it from family, friends, or strangers.
  • Living in the countryside, which has done wonders for my mental health.
  • Coffee. Might seem silly, but it's helped me get through the housework more than once.
  • Having found a video-game that both me and my Fiance enjoy playing together.
  • For all the photos that I didn't want to be be in at the time, but where taken anyway.
  • My parents who help me out whenever I need it, even if it's not their kind of thing. Like helping to put up a chicken run.
  • For everyone who showed me what I don't want in my future.
  • The tiny, almost insignificant, pieces of advice that I now think of every time I do anything related to the memory.
  • For having lived a good portion of my life with my grandparents.
  • Bob the duck, who despite not being the same species imprinted on us and gave us the pleasure of being Duck Parents.

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