Saturday, 13 January 2018

The thought behind my blogs name

I've had a few blogs over the last 7 or so years, and each has had a rather... unusual name. Probably because I thought I was some super cute and quirky 15 year old that was oh so random and unique yet relatable at the same time. I'm so glad there are very few surviving pictures of me in that stage of my life!

Anyway, I digress. I've had a few blogs, and the name has always been what got me. I'm not very good with naming things (as a kid I named absolutely everything Rose) and when it came to this blog, I wanted to make sure I got it at least semi-right.

I wanted this to be my last blog. 

This would be the blog I stuck with, and I'd end up with this archive of how I'd grown over the years and how life had changed. I'm pretty sure I've done that with this blog, I'm so proud of it and happy with the content I put out.

So, with that plan in mind, I didn't want to have to change my blog name a couple months after starting it. I also wanted matching handles on Instagram and Twitter. I wanted to create a bit more of a brand than I had done previously, where pretty much all my social media had different names and handles and I had no idea about linking them to each other, so we can guess how well they all went.

I read a few articles on naming your blog at first. A lot of them didn't really help me, as they were intended for people who were blogging for their business, rather than the blog being the business (or hobby) if you get what I mean. I didn't have a business and a name already, so the tip of naming it after your already established business wasn't that helpful to me.

I eventually found a blog post, quite possibly on Pinterest, where it suggested naming your blog after yourself or adding your name in there somewhere. I feel horrible for not remembering who's post it was, but my God am I thankful to whoever it was. For some reason, up until reading those words I didn't even think about adding my name into my blogs title. I started thinking up ways I could add my name into the title, while still being easy to remember, but not too easy for people who I didn't want finding my blog to find it.

I ended up with a list of five or so names that I was happy with. I can't remember all of them, but I do believe there were some questionable options on that list. Originally, I had written down Life with Bella. It was short and sweet, to the point.

I then panicked, thinking it was too broad. I thought my name was too broad. Thinking about it now, it's rather silly, but I did have a moment where people would think it was a blog dedicated to the life of Bella Swan from Twilight or something. So, to calm my worries, I added the N. My middle name begins with an N, so it's still in keeping with the naming method I wanted, and it made it more unique to me. I also lucked out that I could use it for Instagram and Twitter too.

I'm very glad I used the advice and added my name to the name of my blog. I've not wanted to change it at all (yet!) and I think it's a good name for me, instead of something that I could see as being topic-specific. I feel free to post whatever I want on here, because there's nothing tying me to any specific topics or categories. I definitely think that the name of your blog can make or break your relationship with your blog, I've had blog names stop me from posting anything other than fashion and beauty (and let's be honest, neither are particularly my strong point, at least on a personal level) and I've also seen other bloggers say they've lost the love of blogging because they don't like their blogs name.

Do you have any tips on naming your blog? How did you name yours?

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