Sunday, 3 December 2017

Post Ideas

Hey everyone! It's Blogmas Day 3 here on the blog, which I'm pretty pleased about since I didn't do too well with Blogtober haha! If you want to see what I learnt from that you can read this post.

Anyway, I was thinking up some Blogmas content ideas earlier and wanted to share some of my ideas with you guys. Now I know there are lots of Christmas post ideas out there, so I decided I would share Winter inspired or "Christmas-free" ideas instead.

If you could use a few more ideas to bulk up your Blogmas content, want to do Blogmas but don't necessarily want to post about Christmas or just looking for ideas for Winter content? I'll stop babbling, and here is my list of  25 blog post ideas for Winter!

Post ideas for Winter

  1. Do you have any pets? Introduce them to us!
  2. Don't have any pets? What pets would you like and why?
  3. Do you grow vegetables? If you do, how do you prepare for Spring?
  4. If you keep "outdoor" pets, how do you care for them in the Winter?
  5. What's your opinion on dogs and other pets wearing coats or jumpers in the cold?
  6. Your go-to makeup looks for Winter?
  7. Your Winter skin care routine
  8. Winter wardrobe staples
  9. Winter hair care routine
  10. Night-time Winter routine
  11. December blogging goals
  12. Blog post ideas for 2018
  13. Blogging goals for 2018
  14. Winter blogging routine
  15. Many bloggers struggle to get good photos in the winter, how do you deal with this problem?
  16. Any tips on keeping your house warm?
  17. Do you care for your garden in any special way over winter?
  18. What's your opinion on open fires / wood burners vs radiators?
  19. What are your favourite winter meals?
  20. Share a recipe
  21. Your go-to Starbucks/ Costa/ Other order?
  22. What's in your bag? Do you have any must-haves for winter?
  23. Favourite movies to watch for a cozy evening at home
  24. Your winter workout routine
  25. Are you someone who always wishes for snow or can't stand it?
I hope these ideas help you out or inspire your own ideas! Thanks for dropping by!

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