Thursday, 7 December 2017

Self Care Ideas List

Hey everyone! It's Blogmas Day 7 and today I'm talking about self care and a few things you can do to look after yourself even when you don't really feel like it.

I never really paid much attention to self-care, I thought I was doing fine and looking after myself, but once I decided to look into it more and try it out, I realized I really hadn't been looking after myself at all. I was doing the absolute minimum, and while that's still quite an achievement on my really bad days, I realized I should be doing more and caring for myself more.

So, I came up with a list for myself and I wanted to share it with you all. I hope this list can help you or inspire you to make your own go-to list of things you can do for a little self-care.

Self Care List

  • Put cream on your feet - just wack on some body lotion or cream on your feet, stick a pair of socks on, and done. Don't worry too much about massaging it in, especially if you put it on before going to sleep, as the socks will help it soak into your skin. You'll wake up with softer feet, and I personally have noticed a huge difference after doing this for about a week! My feet are a lot softer and my feet don't hurt as much when I spend all day walking about.
  • Go a little further and give yourself a foot & lower leg massage when you put the cream on. It'll help circulation, make your feet feel great, and it'll help the health of your nails too!
  • Exfoliate and wash your face - Have you done this recently? If not, I'm sure it will wake you up a little and will give a good base for my next point.
  • Dress up & put some makeup on - it makes a huge difference to how I feel if I have makeup on or not. I don't rely on it, I can have a good day without it, but when I'm having a particularly bad day I like to sit in front of a mirror for a while and play with my makeup. Even if I then wipe it all off, I've probably found a new look I like or now like a lipstick I didn't like before.
  • Take a hot shower - wash your hair, shave, and scrub every inch of your body with your favourite body wash. Feeling clean can help immensely and I also find it helps to "wash away" the bad energies of a bad day.
  • Cuddle with your pet - even if you do nothing else, it's proven that a cuddle with a pet helps to lift our mood and release "happy hormones". Even on a good day, always make time for a cuddle!
Don't forget to give yourself credit for every self-care act, no matter how small or simple. This is just a list of a few extra bits you can do, so don't feel bad or pressured into doing too much or something that doesn't feel quite right yet.

What's on your self care list? 

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