Saturday, 9 December 2017

I Don't Watch Reality TV Anymore

Hey everyone! So I'm a Celebrity is on the TV and I by chance watched an episode of The Real Housewives of New York with my mum, and it's just confirmed to me that I really can't stand reality TV anymore.

I used to quite enjoy it, the amount of drama and some of the stupidity was hilarious to me. As I've got older, I've lost my patience for it and really don't want to watch an hour long episode where 33 minutes of it is a group of adult women arguing over a bloody room. It could be because since moving in with my other half I have very little time to just sit about. I have a lot to do, and only really make time for "sitting about" for blogging.

Blogging takes up quite a lot of time for me, especially images as I take a load of photos, hate them all, and then go back to using the same ones I always do. Once blogging has taken up almost all the day (or my patience, whichever comes first) I also have animals to see to and food to be cooked and straw and dust to be hoovered up.

I did try to watch I'm a Celebrity this year as I used to enjoy it so much when I was younger, but I got so far in and couldn't continue. Seeing how mental health was a topic being spoken about I'm genuinely upset about how some of the camp-mates were behaving and belittling others. I don't know all the ins and outs of it all, as like I said I couldn't continue watching after a while, but it's really put me off a few of the celebrities that went in. I suppose being on camera constantly for so long, you get to find out who's actually a nice person and who's not!

I don't think it's bad to watch reality TV shows, like my mum watches them and so do thousands of other people, but I think it comes down to finding one that isn't just blatantly rude and/or stupid, or where everything gets so blown out of proportion by the producers that it's no longer reality anymore.

What's your opinion on reality TV? Do you have any favourite shows? Let me know down below!

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