Friday, 1 December 2017

Do I Miss Living Abroad?

Hey everyone! It's finally December and I'm so excited for Christmas! I've had my front window decorated for the last two weeks and I've had to force myself not to put the tree up until the 1st -which was torture! This year I'm trying new things with my blog, and after learning a few things from trying Blogtober, I've set myself the challenge of doing Blogmas! I'll be doing a mixture of Christmas themed posts and some "regular" content, as honestly I couldn't think up 25 Christmas themed posts that I'd realistically be able to do.

Do I miss living abroad?

So recently I've been asked about my time living in Spain and if I miss it as it's now two and a half years since I moved back to the UK. I spent 12 years in Spain since the age of 7 or 8, so I did most of my schooling there and picked up quite a few habits. Since there's quite a big difference between Spain and England and it's something that has helped shape me into the person I am, I thought it would interesting to write a post on it.

What do I miss about Spain?

  • The friendliness. Not to say that the English can't be friendly, but I've noticed a huge difference between just how friendly people can be. For example, in Spain it's very common to say "Hello" or "How are you?" or end up in a 20 minute (genuine) conversation with a stranger after you've almost bumped into each other. Here it tends to be an awkward "Oh! Sorry!" and quickly scurrying away into another isle and praying you don't see them again.
  • Parties. Believe me, go to a street party in Spain and you'll totally get it.
  • The heat. Apart from burning myself in the sun at least once every summer, I've had the pleasure to be able to grow up where I could drop my bag off after school and head straight to the pool or down to the ocean for a swim before dinner.
  • The freedom and safety. Things obviously do happen all over the world and not just in the UK, but I still feel safer walking around on my own there than I do here. I was allowed to go out on my own and play with the other kids in the village square, and everyone knew where we were and that we were safe. At 16 it was safe enough for me to walk home alone at night after having dinner with my friends. In the UK I still don't walk the trolley back from the car on my own even if it's right next to it.

What don't I miss about Spain?

  • The cold. As it gets so hot, the houses are built differently and heating isn't really a priority, which makes the winters feel even colder when you don't get to go home to a warm house! We must have payed a fortune to run our electric heaters every winter.
  • Old friends. One good thing about living abroad through my teen years, and then moving away, is I definitely won't bump into anyone I went to school with. Whether that be bullies or people who used to be friends but drifted apart, I don't have to worry about bumping into them when I'm having a bad hair day or forgot to change out of my slippers.
  • Not having half the stuff they do in the UK. Things could have changed a little bit by now, but when I was living in Spain there was no chance of Netflix, Amazon Prime, half the shops didn't deliver to Spain and if they did it cost at least £20-30 minimum. 
Even though there are things I definitely miss, and every now and again I wish I still lived there, I'm very glad I live here now. I wouldn't have met my other half, we wouldn't have adopted our dog, and I probably wouldn't be blogging or have met the wonderful people I have through it!

Thanks for dropping by!

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