Sunday, 10 December 2017

Dealing with Infertility - Hearing Other's Good News

Hey everyone, I've been writing about PCOS for a little while now and I think it's about time I start talking more about the fertility side of it (or lack of). It's not the merriest of subjects, but it's one many of us have to deal with nonetheless, especially as Christmas is quite a popular time to announce engagements and/or pregnancies.

One thing that really affects me is when I see others are getting pregnant, and I'm no where near. It's obviously just a part of life, people have kids and all that, but when you've been trying for more than twice as long as some people it can make it hard news to digest. It's still lovely news, I don't think the creation of life could ever be particularly bad, but it can be difficult for some.

Little disclaimer - Obviously people can still get pregnant with PCOS so don't think it's all over for you, but a good chunk of us don't and need to go quite far to become a parent. 

That news gets even harder to bare when it's close to home. A family member, a friend, anyone remotely close can make it harder to deal with and that's totally normal. Needing time to process and come to terms with it is normal.

I've recently had some news sprung on me -over a text no less- that there will be a new baby in the family next year. As you can guess by me writing this post, I didn't deal with it too well. It's too much at once when I'm already having troubles having children and finding out that other courses of action aren't available to me.

For those struggling with similar issues, know that it's normal and okay not to be able to deal with it straight away. Worrying and stressing yourself and forcing yourself to be okay doesn't do you any good and can harm your chances even more.

How I'm dealing with it

Personally, I have set everything so I won't get anything pop up on Facebook, and have removed myself from Whatsapp groups that will be getting updates. With my anxiety I don't deal with things very well unless I'm prepared and ready for it, so I've made my social media a safe place for me right now. I'm also trying to dedicate my energy to other things. I'm still doing up my house, it's Blogmas so the blog is busy, and I might be a little too excited every time it snows.

It's all helping, and I've surprised myself. Last time I had this kind of news (also around Christmas funny enough) I didn't know what to do with myself or how to deal with it at all. I ended up having quite a low point with depression coming back into my life, but I've since pulled myself back and thankfully this time that's not happened.

I suppose I just wanted to write a post to let others suffering with infertility know that you're not alone, and these kinds of reactions are normal. It puts a whole new perspective on it all, and that's okay.  

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