Friday, 22 December 2017

Blogging Goals for 2018

Hey everyone! Well, it's only a few days to Christmas now and New Year is right behind it! As I'm going to be super duper busy over the time between Christmas Day and New Years, I thought it would be better to post my goals for 2018 sooner rather than later. It also makes me accountable for them!

Blogging goals for 2018

I'm now in my second year of blogging as of October (you can read how my first year went here) and I've achieved so much more than I ever thought I would! I've not had the best time for the last couple of years but things are looking up now and so I hope I'll be able to dedicate more time and energy into my blog. 

Saying that, my main goal for 2018 is to double my stats. For example, I've finally hit 200 followers on Instagram, so I'd like to double that this year.

  • Like I just mentioned, I'd like to hit 400+ Instagram followers. Instagram is definitely what I struggle with the most, and I think that shows in how long it's taken me to build myself up to 200 followers. I'm still really pleased with my Instagram, and I'm ready to dedicate myself to it a little more and start using InstaStories more too!
  • Hitting 2,500 followers on Twitter seems almost impossible right now, but I'm going to give it a fair good go! I'm so thankful for all the lovely people who have followed me so far, even when I went AWOL for a month or two around April. I'm hoping that doesn't happen again, and I've since discovered scheduled tweets so even if I do hit a very busy time I'm hoping I can still be about through that.
  • This year (as I'm writing this) has hit just over 3,000 views. I never even imagined it would reach 500 let alone 6 times that amount! I can't even imagine what kind of numbers I would have reached if I hadn't of been so busy or scared to promote my content. This year I want to push myself further and try to reach 10,000 views! I know that doesn't sound a lot to some, but to me that's still a huge number and I hope I can do it!
Doubling my stats (or tripling, in the case of my views) would be absolutely amazing! I decided to base my goals for next year off of my own achievements this year because another goal of mine is to stop comparing myself to others. By setting goals based on myself, I'm forcing myself to better myself based on me and not based on what I think I should be doing or where I should be compared to others.

Here are some more goals, but these are a bit more personal:
  • Post more often but not feel bad if I can't. This year I found myself not being able to post for a while, and I felt bad about it, which then lead to not having the motivation or energy to write more than 100 words. I didn't want to post something so small, especially as it wasn't well written either. In 2018 I want to post more than I've been able to, but I'm not going to force myself or feel bad if I can't.
  • Not compare my blog or it's progress to others. I seen people who have reached twice the amount of views I have in just half the time, which at first made me compare myself and made me wonder what was wrong with my blog. Since then I've learnt not to compare myself to others, and go at my own pace. It starts to take the joy out of blogging when you feel it's a competition.
  • Earn some money from blogging. This might be quite a big leap, but I'd love to be able to turn this little blog into a bit of a part-time job, and earn a little from it. I had my first sponsored post earlier this year, and have since been able to work with a couple of companies! My blog is definitely small, but it's growing more and more and honestly I truly can't believe I've been lucky enough to have companies approach me!
  • Work on my DA. I'm not entirely sure on how to do this yet (so if you have any tips or a post on the subject, please send me your links!) but I finally got my own domain in the summer and I was so sad about my DA being 1 for so long! It's finally jumped to 10 (after a few pitstops along the way!) and I couldn't be happier (even if I don't exactly know how it's going up haha!)
Well, this is quite a long post already and it seems to be me just saying how pleased and happy I am with everything, so I'll leave it here. My accomplishments might not be as big as some others, but I've still done so much more than I thought I ever would so I'm classing it as a win!

What are your goals for 2018?

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