Tuesday, 5 December 2017

5 Tips to Keep Your Home Warm

Keeping your home warm in the winter is something many of us have at the top of our to do list, especially if you feel the cold a lot like me! Here I share 5 tips that help to keep your home warm and keep your bills a little lower!

How to keep your home warm this winter

Invest in thicker curtains - or even put up a second set once it starts to get cold. They don't have o be your favourite design, as you can just put them under your original curtains, and if you get them from the charity shop they're cheap as chips! Here's how to make curtains thicker

Put up curtains over your doors - you can read how I did this and it's helped a lot! here's more on how to keep the draught out

Attach door brushes to your doors - I've always just thought of them as being for the bottom of your doors, but I've recently seen people who attach them all the way around the door! They definitely help and they lead me to my next point...

Letterbox Draught excluder - another life saver! Since putting this in I've noticed a huge difference in how much air gets into the front porch. We used to even get leaves coming in with the wind!

Don't let your house get too cold - I know it can mean putting the heating on a couple weeks before you normally would do, but letting the house get cold inside can then make it harder to warm it up properly, meaning your house will be cold no matter how often you put the heating on.
What are your tips for winter? Is there anything that helps to keep your house warm? Let me know down below!

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