Thursday, 2 November 2017

November Goals & October Recap

Hey everyone! As the year only has two months left, I wanted to finish the year on a high. I'm not sure if it's the colder months that give me the motivation to write or what, but I seem to have all the time in the world for my blog now. Maybe I'm more organized?

October Recap

Yet again I've ended up being busy, and in turn this had drained my mental energy. I'm not someone who particularly likes going out or socializing too often, and this month I've been constantly out and about with different people. I've managed to make myself ill because of it! I definitely say yes way too often and way too easily when really I should be taking time for myself.

This has had an affect on my blog, both on the amount of time I have to dedicate to it and the motivation to do so. I completely failed at Blogtober, although I'm still pretty pleased with how many posts I managed to publish.

November Goals

I've set myself some goals that I think are a little more realistic than my October Goals (mainly how many posts I want to publish this month!) and I'm hoping that they'll set me up for a good December.

  1. Publish 10 posts this month. I definitely failed Blogtober, to be honest it's made me appreciate those who do post every day even more! How do you even come up with that many post ideas and write them up and publish them with images and all?!
  2. Use Twitter More. I'm still getting used to using Twitter more. I've been in a bit of a Twitter rut since April or so. My advice? Don't go two weeks straight without using Twitter, or you'll completely forget how to use it! I'm re-learning what's okay for Twitter and what's a little too over sharing.
  3. Hit 200 Instagram Followers. A lot of you will probably think that 200 is nothing, but considering it's taken me over a year to reach 180 Instagram followers I'm so looking forward to finally hitting 200! I get so close and then lose a lot of followers just before I hit my goal.
  4. Keep to a Schedule. I want to organize myself as much as possible, including my blog. I see so many other bloggers doing so well (well done you lovely people!) and it just makes me want to push myself and do the best I can.
I'm hoping to smash these goals this month! I want to get myself organized enough so that I'm writing posts a month or so in advance, instead of waking up and wanting to post but not knowing what.

What are your November goals, and how did your October goals go?

Thanks for reading,
Bella xo

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