Monday, 2 October 2017

Starting my Second Year of Blogging

Hey everyone! As yesterday marked one whole year of Life with Bella N, I was having a look at all my stats and how far I've come as a blogger since day one. To be honest, I didn't set myself any actual goals, it was more of a "I'd like to be here in a year but yknow, whatever" kind of thing. The one big goal I did achieve though, is having my own domain which I'm still really pleased about!

Going into my second year of blogging, I wanted to set myself some actual goals and keep myself on track to reach them by next October.

  • Monthly Goals - I want to write monthly goal posts and keep a tally on how the previous month went. By doing this I hope to keep myself more accountable for my goals and not let them slip so much.
  • More Posts - Over the last year I've taken some much needed breaks here and there, and sometimes I've simply been way too busy to even think about sitting down for a few hours with my laptop. I want to change that and hope to post more regularly, building my content along the way. I'm setting off on the right foot by participating in Blogtober -so make sure to check back often!
  • Try harder with Social Media - I've never been much of a genius when it comes to social media, and to be honest I'm not interesting enough most of the time! I forget to tweet and never find something to photograph for Instagram. I spend most of my time on Pinterest, yet still don't see the results I'd like to see. I'll be setting myself smaller goals for my Social Media and I hope to see an improvement - both from myself and my engagement.
  • Engage more with others - I've mentioned this before in a previous post, but when it comes to interacting with other bloggers I tend to stay quiet until someone else talks to me first. This is because not only am I shy anyway, but I also have anxiety which can make it hard for me to speak with people I don't know. I've taken baby steps to get to where I want to be but this year I'd like to step up my game and really get myself out there.

As I said before, I will be setting myself monthly goals. They're basically the same as the goals above, but they'll be more specific as to what I want to achieve that month. As it's the beginning of October, here are my October Goals:

  • Start - and finish - Blogtober! I've planned it all out and have an editorial calendar ready, all I need to do is write them all!
  • Stop thinking I'm too boring to Tweet, and use Social Media more. The more I share my life and me, the more chance I have of finding like-minded people.
  • Remember to comment of the blog posts I read. I'm really bad at this at the moment, and completely forget to comment. I'm getting better at making it into a habit, but I'd like to share the love a bit more!
What are your goals for October? Are you participating in Blogtober? Don't forget to send me your links if you are!

Thanks for reading, 
Love, Bella xo

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