Monday, 9 October 2017

My First Time Driving A Tractor

Hey everyone! Well today has been an experience! I get that not everyone is going to interested in hearing about how cool I felt driving the tractor about today, so I don't expect this post to do ever so well, but I just couldn't not blog about it!

I wrote this post as soon as I got in on Saturday from feeding the pigs, so I certainly didn't get up at 4am to take a trip in the tractor this morning! I wanted to keep this post as it is, as it's exactly how I felt and wanted to explain things straight after getting home.

Ever since my boyfriend and I started dating in very early 2016, I have gone out with him in the tractor whenever I have been able to. It's not exactly comfortable, it's a one seater with just enough room for me to sit on the inside wheel arch and hang on for dear life when we go over bumps (which is quite often btw), but I enjoy spending time with B and learning about his job and passion.

B's asked me many times if I wanted to drive the tractor, and every time I have said no. For someone who doesn't have even a car liscence, driving something as big as a tractor is something I find quite terrifying.

What if I drive into a fence? Or a building? Or another tractor? In a tractor I'd probably end up taking the tree home with me!

So, I'd always say no. Today I must have been feeling brave, because when B asked I said yes! We were both a little shocked, to be honest!

Now, before anyone thinks I was off threatening the world with my newbie tractor skills I'll let you know I was on private land and strictly supervised by B who happens to be an insanely good tractor driver.

At first I panicked a bit (okay, a lot) because it's a huge thing to be controlling for the first time. I quickly learnt the pedals, and thankfully the two break pedals were locked together (yes, tractors have two sets of breaks, one for each side) so I didn't need to worry about using both. I was a little naughty and used the clutch as my break, and didn't use the accelerator at all!

The tractor I was driving has a lever which sets the speed and it goes on its own. It's a lot smoother than using the accelerator, as when you bounce about going over the bumps and in the holes you don't have your foot bouncing on and off the pedals too.

I set it fairly slow, just to be sure, and after feeding about 5 pigs I gave the drivers seat back to B. I could see the rest of the pigs lining up waiting for their food so I didn't want to make them wait the half hour it was going to take me to get to the end of the line of pens!

I'm really glad I said yes today, even if it did scare me a little! I enjoyed myself and can't wait to have a go again! This post is probably all kinds of rambley , so I do apologize for that if you've made it to the end!

Thank you for reading,
Love, Bella xo

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