Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Managing PCOS Naturally - One Month On

Hey everyone! I'm actually quite excited about this post. I've mentioned before on Twitter that my doctors haven't been great with helping me to conceiving with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, so after 18 months of putting up with less than helpful "advice" and being told I'm too young to be having kids, I decided that I would be taking things into my own hands and I'd try a natural approach.

Before we get started, I am in no way a medical professional or giving medical advice. I'm simply telling my story with PCOS in the hopes of helping someone else in my position. Always talk to a professional first! I mention which supplement I'm taking (contained within a general conception aiding capsule), but this could be the wrong one for you. Make sure to do your research and talk to others before taking anything new!

So about 6 weeks ago I started looking into natural methods of coping with PCOS. I obviously came across all the "Exercise more" and "eat healthily" tips, but when it really comes down to it, PCOS imbalances your hormones, making weight loss incredibly hard for some of us. I have literally had to starve myself for weeks to see any results! This obviously isn't healthy, and doesn't do my body any favours when I want it to not only support myself but eventually a growing baby too!

Then I came across natural remedies. At first I wasn't convinced about it all, thinking it probably wouldn't work. I told my mum about it, and she had a read through some sites too. We found most recommendations for Vitex from other people trying to conceive with PCOS - many said it worked in a short amout of time!

I was still a little wary about it (read this post from Lara Briden), I didn't want to get my hopes up too high just in case it didn't work. I decided to try it though, as I'd just about lost all my patience with my doctors surgery. Ideally, I wanted to go to a herbal shop or somewhere that specialized in natural remedies and supplements. That shop was a bit too far for me to travel, so I ended up in Boots.

I found a few of their supplements for conception and periods actually contained Vitex in them. There's obviously a few other things in there too and the concentration of Vitex isn't as high, but as I am trying to conceive I decided to go with the tablets that would start to prepare my body for it, although it might take a little longer.

I've now been taking these capsules for about a month. This might be TMI, but when I bought them I was on a very heavy period that had lasted 4 weeks by that time. Once I started taking them I noticed a change in my flow straight away and it stopped within a week. That was on the 14th of September, and I'm happy to say that this cycle has been a "normal" 30 day cycle instead of a 45+ day cycle! I've also noticed that I have finally started to lose a little weight, and I feel more motivated and less sluggish - that could be the weight loss or the capsules, I couldn't say for sure!

So, since starting these capsules I've noticed a big difference all round. I wanted to share this little discovery with you guys in case you yourselves could benefit from it or know someone else with PCOS who could. I'll be doing updates on how this journey of managing PCOS in a more natural way goes!

To some it might not mean much - be it because it doesn't effect them or because they don't know what PCOS is - but this little victory means a hell of a lot to me. PCOS has been a pain in the arse since I was 13, and making even a small difference is a huge difference!

Thank you for reading,
Love, Bella xo

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