Wednesday, 4 October 2017

How To Keep The Draught Out

Hey everyone! How are you enjoying Blogtober so far? If you're also doing Blogtober please leave me your links below so I can have a little read! It's definitely getting colder by the minute around here  so I decided to share with you all how I managed to make a huge difference to the temperature of our house with less than £15. I'm amazed by the results, and I am very very happy with the price!

What you'll need

  • Curtains, preferably bigger than the size of your front and back door. I got ours from a charity shop for £9.45.
  • Curtain Wire. You can get this from Poundland in their DIY section or from Wilko, both for £1 or less.
  • Hooks. Your curtain wire pack should have these in it already, but make sure it does before starting.

What I did

First of all, I put the hooks into the door frame as far apart as possible. I then measured how much wire I needed, and added the hoops to the wire to make sure it's tight. Be careful while doing this, as I couldn't get the hoop back out of the wire once it was in. 

I then sewed the top of the curtain over, so I could get the wire through it. If you've bought curtains that already have the rings in the top you don't need to do this, and can just thread it on the wire as it is.

Now your curtain should be up, check how the door opens and closes. The top of my curtain is too thick to fully move out of the way of the door, so it was a little bit of a struggle getting in and out. I fixed this by adding a larger hook in the middle of the door frame, and hooking the curtain itself and the wire over it. This takes the weight of the curtain in the middle so it doesn't catch on the top of the door as you open and close it.

You could use a curtain pole for this too, and if ease of use is your priority then I would recommend a curtain pole instead of a curtain wire. I chose the wire as it was cheaper and easier to put up myself. 

Having a curtain over our front and back doors made a huge difference, and it was noticeable almost instantely! We live in quite an old cottage, so the doorframes don't fit properly anymore and we get quite a bad draught. The curtain stopped it straight away, and now I don't need my heating on for even half the time I did before. Most days I don't have it on at all. 

I hope this little tutorial helps keep your heating bill down this autumn and winter. What do you do to help keep your home warmer for longer? Please let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,
Love, Bella xo 

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