Monday, 18 September 2017

Where to Buy Cheap Home Decor

Hey everyone! As you may know I have been doing up our house recently and I have to say I'm pretty pleased with how it's looking. There's still a long way to go but it's not half bad. I've been doing everything on a budget, and DIYed most of it, but there are a few accessories that either I knew I wanted from the start or that have cought my eye as the decorating has progressed.

These home accessories had to be cheap, and fit in with my overall theme of the house - which is a little bit country aand a little bit rustic. I've kept my eyes peeled and I'm super duper pleased with some of the pieces I've picked up, and the great prices that have gone along with them!

B&M - From B&M I managed to find a Duck print on canvas for £3.99 and a set of three small canvases to go above our bed for £1.49, and I'd only popped in to grab a drink! I usually have a quick look whenever I go in no matter what I'm actually getting as you never know when you'll find a complete bargain!

Poundland - I was never much of a fan of Poundland, as I never found anything that I particularly liked. After I found some great Halloween decor a few years ago I've been hooked every since! I've found baskets, candles, vases, and jars all for £1 each! If I'm going into a shop near a Poundland I normally drop in to have a look what they have, even if I have nothing in mind. I've even got a few tools and gloss paint from their stores to help with the decorating.

Home Bargains - I've only ever been into home bargains a few times, but each time I've found great stuff in there!

Aldi - Aldi is another great place to find bits and bobs for the home! I've had pillows, signs, candle holders, and a few kitchen bits from Aldi and I'm impressed with the quality of it all! Most of their items seem to range from about £2.99 to £20, but if you're not in a huge rush (and don't worry about things being sold out like I do) they also have a Reduced section in the basket isles. Even if you're not looking for anything the Reduced section is always worth a ponder.

These stores are pretty much how I have managed to add accessories into my house. I have many a Poundland and B&M picture frame about the house! As long as you care for things they last just as long as if you bought it from a more expensive shop.

Where do you get your home decor for cheap? Have you tried any of these shops for their home decor ranges?

Thanks for reading,
Love, Bella xo

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