Friday, 28 July 2017

Blogging with Anxiety

I've wanted to write about how anxiety can affect blogging for a while now but never got round to actually making the idea into a post. I can't say every point I make will be the same for everyone with anxiety, but these are just a few of the things that either affect my anxiety or vice-versa.

Keeping to a schedule. I'm always either too organized or not organized enough. Either way, both tend to overwhelm me quite quickly. If I'm too organized it upsets me when I am then too busy to keep to the ridiculous schedule I set myself. If I'm not organized enough I end up writing posts willy-nilly, and because I haven't set myself a deadline they just sit in my drafts for the next one hundred years.

Writing posts. I can't be the only one who can write a 800+ word posts, add in all the images, be really proud of it, and then decide to not publish it?

Worrying about people not liking my content. Not everyone is going to like every single post I write, and that's okay. Everyone has a different opinion. My worry comes from thinking people will leave mean comments.

Thinking every subtweet is about me. It sounds very self-obsessed, but I can't help but panic that every nasty subtweet it about me. I know they're not, but the little voice in the back of my head goes "are you ABSOLUTELY sure?". I didn't used to be too bad about it, I could move on without having to over analyse it, but after having a few unnecessary subtweets about me or what I have apparently said/done, it's made it a lot worse. 

Not engaging enough with other bloggers or my readers on social media. I could talk for England if I had to (just ask my boyfriend!) but when it comes to engaging with others I feel like I'm bothering them. My two main problems are feeling like I'm butting in even when a tweet is obviously meant for everyone, or feeling like I'm carrying on a conversation that doesn't want to be carried on. With the amount of drama that has been happening recently, I also worry about inadvertently getting involved. I've started to try and unfollow people when I see they are being particularly nasty, which also leads me to the next point.

Unfollowing people. I've been seeing increasing numbers of people subtweeting when they lose a follower. This isn't the normal "as soon as I mentioned I've hit my goal someone unfollowed" type thing, which I can say from experience is incredibly annoying. I'm talking about when you unfollow someone, and then see them quite obviously subtweeting about it. Depending on what is said, I've seen a few of these tweets turn into a place to bash the person who has unfollowed.

Instagram. I'm pretty sure about 90% of the blogging community hates Instagram now, and to be honest I'm starting to see it myself. I'm doing better than I was engagement wise, but as soon as I gain one follower I lose two. It's become a never ending battle between my want to do better on Instagram and my inability to take a decent photo.

Those are just a few of the things that affect my anxiety or vice-versa. I could go on forever, but i'm sure you'd get bored eventually. Is there anything you agree with or don't agree with? Let me know either down in the comments or on Twitter!


  1. Wow, it's like you've taken all of my thoughts regarding anxiety and blogging and put it in a post. Personally I find this so relatable, so thank you for making this post, I feel like seeing someone else who feels the same way as me can help me overcome some of my anxiety about my blog x

    1. Thank you for reading! I'm so glad it's helped you, blogging can sometimes feel a little lonely but a lot of us are feeling just the same. Don't be afraid to just be yourself x