Thursday, 29 June 2017

Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

With all the negativity I've been seeing on social media recently, I felt the need to write a bit more of a positive post. It might not be an all uplifting "let's be friends" post, but listing out what makes me happy and concentrating on that has definitely helped me deal with some of the anxiety I've had.

So, let's jump right in!

Spending time with my other half. We might live together but B works on a farm, meaning it's an early start, and only once everything that needs to be finished is done can he come home. Working with animals means that you don't get a specific "home time". This past week B has had some time off, and I love having him about.

Hugs with Kobi. As far as hugs go, our dog Kobi is the king of cuddles and snuggles. He's down for a cuddle any time, especially when it's a little colder and we can all huddle up under a blanket on the sofa in the evenings. I seriously don't know what I would do without him!

Freshly hoovered carpets. I realize this might seem a little weird to some but I love a fresh, clean carpet. Ours is quite old so it's not the best in the world, but it always feels better on my feet when it's freshly hoovered.

Finding new music. I've been out of the loop on music for a very, very long time. As in until recently I was still only listening to the last My Chemical Romance album. Since listening to Despacito (the full Spanish version, not with Justin Bieber) I've been getting back into some of the music I listened to when I lived in Spain and finding a few new songs on Spotify.

The sunny weather. I'm not only talking about the gorgeous (but a little OTT for the UK) heatwave we've been having over the last week or so. Even when it's not particularly warm, the sun being out and brightening everything up makes me a lot happier and more motivated than when it's dark and gloomy.

Organizing. Mainly organizing my blog and my house. Both have been put on the back burner the last month as I've been ill, and now I'm feeling a bit better I'm pleased to be organizing myself and getting things sorted!

Fresh bed-linen. I mean, is there anything better than getting into a newly made bed with freshly washed sheets?
What makes you happy? Tell me down in the comments or on Twitter!

Thanks for reading,

Love, Bella xo

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