Monday, 13 February 2017

Adopting a Dog from Dogs Trust

Hey everyone! Well this is our super-duper exciting news, we got a dog! We're so happy and excited to have Kobi with us and become a part of our family that I couldn't help but write a post about him. I also wanted to share the experience and process of adopting him, as I know so many dogs need homes and this might just convince you to go to Dogs Trust or another re-homing center near you.

Day One

Saturday 4th of February we decided to head over to our closest re-homing centre after a few months of saying we want a dog and planning exactly what we could give the dog and what we would like in return. When we arrived all the staff were really friendly and showed us where to go to see some of the dogs looking for homes.

There were so many sweet faces looking out at the families walking around, and at the back on the left was Kobi just sat in his bed not particularly looking at much or paying much attention to anyone. He immediately caught my eye, and I called B over to have a look and see what he thought.

We went back to the front desk, and were given a questionnaire to fill in. Once that was filled in, we had a Rehomer come over and just have a chat about our answers and a few more questions. After that, we spoke about Kobi and his history and what they could tell us about him and his behavior.

We loved him, even if he did have a few habits to iron out, and met him quickly before they closed to the public.

Day Two

Sunday 5th of February, we went back to meet him properly and see how he was with us without a lead or muzzle on.

He was so perfect: eager to play and bounce about,  even at his age and size (around 6 years old and just over 6 stone in weight) ! Once the initial excitement had worn him out a little, he was happy to lay down and just chill. We gave him a few treats, and spoke to one of the staff members about him and his behaviors and habits.

Meeting Kobi again only made us more excited and eager to have him come home with us as soon as possible. His new life and Forever Home were waiting for him only 45 minutes away.

Day Three

Monday 6th of February, was the most stressful and tiring of days. As we rent, we needed to give proof our landlord would accept a dog living on the property. We thought an email had been sent, and happily headed off to the center again after a busy morning of rushing around to the doctors and the bank which took a lot longer than expected.

We got to the center, and unfortunately the email hadn't arrive due to a mix up, but we only had two more hours of Reservation on Kobi. We drove all the way back, found our landlord and got permission written on a piece of paper, and then rushed back to Dogs Trust. I called just after 3 to make sure they knew we were coming and we hadn't forgotten about Kobi.

Thankfully we made it back before they closed, and had another chat about the adoption process. We were booked in for a Pre Adoption Talk, where they explain what to expect from the dog and how you can help him/ her settle in, and a quick session with the Behaviorist on the Wednesday, before we took him home on the Friday.

That night we went home exhausted, both physically and mentally after all the worry of not getting there with the permission. We celebrated by having a Chinese takeaway for dinner.

Day Four

Tuesday 7th February, we had the Pre Adoption talk. It was nice to see so many people were adopting dogs and that they would soon be going home.

After the P.A.T. we walked Kobi, and again he was so good. A few birds caught his interest, and I'm pretty sure he picked up a rabbit trail at one point, but as he didn't enjoy getting caught in the thorns he soon left it alone. We got to a bend in the road where they had pig farm tents up, and he didn't seem too sure about it and so we turned around and headed back.

We got a call that evening to arrange a home visit for the next day.

Day Five

Wednesday 8th of February, we had our meeting with Kobi and the behaviorist. Again we spoke about his habits, how training would be continued at home, how we would introduce him to our birds, etc. We also made sure we knew how to put on his muzzle and harness in a way he would enjoy it, or at least not be bothered by it.

Later that day we had the home visit. We did worry a bit if our garden wasn't good enough or our fence wasn't tall enough, etc. But we stated everything in the questionnaire so we both tried to stay positive even though our anxiety was through the roof!

Day Six

Thursday 9th February, after our visit on Wednesday I couldn't help myself and had to call up to ask how it went.

Because we have ducks and chickens, it was decided that one of the trainers would come out with him and see how he reacted in the environment the next day. This was good news to us, as it wasn't a definite no. Again we kept thinking about how no one had seen a problem with us having birds so it just depended on how happy Kobi was, after all that's the most important part of rehoming a dog - into a safe and secure home where they are happy.

That afternoon we drove up to the center and took Kobi out for a little walk. They encourage you to build up as much of a bond as possible before you take your new friend home, so we took advantage of seeing him every day!

Day Seven

Friday 10th February, home day! Kobi was booked to come home to us on Friday, and originally we were picking him up, but as they wanted to see how he was at our house they kindly drove him over after his vet-check.

At first he was nervous, but as you can tell he quickly decided he was comfortable at ours! We signed the paperwork and went through everything we needed to know, and he's now officially ours!


Long story short...

The adoption process was really quick and painless. The staff were absolutely brilliant, and do all they can to make sure the dogs are happy and going home with people who will love them and give them their Forever Home.

We will definitely be adopting any future dogs from Dogs Trust, but for now we are a happy family of three thanks to them.

Another very good thing about Dogs Trust is they offer lifetime behavior and training advice! If you ever have any trouble with your dog they will either help you over the phone, ask you to come in and learn how to help the problem, or if it's home related they will come out to you and help you in your own home! If that's not a dedicated team, I don't know what is!

We've had Kobi for just over a year now, here you can see what a year with Kobi has been like!

Have you ever adopted from Dogs Trust? If you have, what was your experience like? If you haven't, what's your view on adopting pets vs. buying (both cats and dogs) ?

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